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What is the P-GRADE Grid Portal?

The P-GRADE Grid Portal is a web based, service rich environment for the development, execution and monitoring of workflows and workflow based parameter studies on various grid platforms. P-GRADE Portal hides low-level grid access mechanisms by high-level graphical interfaces, making even non grid expert users capable of defining and executing distributed applications on multi-institutional computing infrastructures. Workflows and workflow based parameter studies defined in the P-GRADE Portal are portable between grid platforms without learning new systems or re-engineering program code. Technology neutral interfaces and concepts of the P-GRADE Portal help users cope with the large variety of grid solutions. More than that, any P-GRADE Portal installation can access multiple grids simultaneously, which enables the easy distribution of complex applications on several platforms.

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Main features and releases

  • Interoperability with Globus Toolkit 2, Globus Toolkit 4, LCG and gLite grid middlewares
  • Secured grid access mechanisms using X.509 certificates and proxy credentials
  • Built-in graphical editor to design and define grid workflows and grid parameter studies
  • Integrated workflow manager that orchestrates the fault tolerant execution of grid applications
  • On-line workflow and job monitoring and visualization facilities
  • Multi-grid access mechanism to utilize multiple grid implementations simultaneously
  • MPI execution in Globus and gLite grid environments
  • Graphical MDS and BDII grid information system browser
  • Support to include local and remote storage files into grid applications
  • User level storage quota management to protect against server overloading
  • Legacy application publish and reuse capabilities by the GEMLCA mechanism
  • Workflow import-export-archive service
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Current status

P-GRADE Grid Portal is the official portal and serves the user communities of several multi-institutional grid infrastructures all over the world. It is extensively used in training and education by international grid research projects to demonstrate the capabilities of state of the art grid infrastructures and the concepts of grid application development. Several P-GRADE Portal installations are available for production and training purposes.

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The GPL licensed P-GRADE Portal is developed by an open consortium coordinated by the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems at MTA-SZTAKI, Hungary. The development of P-GRADE Grid Portal is supported among others by the EU financed SEE-GRID, Coregrid and EGEE projects.

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